5 Great Digital Marketing eBooks that Will Help You Boost Sales

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Search for these five eBooks today and see how they will take your digital marketing to a new level!

How to Build a World-Class Internet Lead Generation Program, Peter Geisheker


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If what you need is to improve your lead generation, this is definitely the eBook for you. The main focus is on inbound content marketing and how to use it to successfully attract your target audience.

Among other lead generation tactics, Peter Geisheker discusses remarketing and social media. In addition, you will get an in-depth look into the online sales funnel. It will help you understand how to lead your target customers to your website and online store.

The Optimization Survival Guide, Optimizely

In digital marketing, what you want is to generate conversions, whether that is subscribing for a newsletter or buying one of your products.

You need your target audience to interact with your brand.

Converting a user is not easy. Optimizing conversions is even more difficult. It involves continuous testing to dig deeper into your customers’ needs and wants and to figure out which are the perfect digital tactics to pull them in.

Luckily, you have The Optimization Survival Guide. It features tips from 30 digital marketing experts, masters in boosting sales. They will help you dodge roadblocks and test your conversions efficiently.

Conversations, Not Campaigns, Marketo


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Conversations, Not Campaigns is a very interesting eBook that tackles a specific subject in online marketing: email.

When done right, email marketing can be the catalyst you need for an increase in sales. For that, you need to connect personally with your target users.

Blasting your emails with campaigns and sales prepositions is far from the best method. Your potential customer needs to feel like you are directly talking to them, with a personalized discourse.

One of the best ways to achieve that is by encouraging the customer to engage with you and answer to the message they received. More than ever, marketing has to be a relationship, a two-way communication channel.

50 Shades of Growth, Sid Bharath and Danny Halarewich


sales - 5 Great Digital Marketing eBooks that Will Help You Boost Sales

To put it simply, this is one of the best eBooks to develop a digital marketing strategy heavily focused on exponentially increasing sales.

50 Shades of Growth provides you with 50 tips for e-commerce growth that will take your business to new heights. Each concept is explained step-by-step, which makes it easy for you to integrate all of the advice in your strategy.

The tips come from marketing and sales experts who have massively grown their own e-commerce businesses. On top of it all, the eBook features a multitude of hacks to optimize your digital marketing.

The Complete Guide to Social Media for B2B Marketers, Salesforce Pardot


Although many people believe social media affects mainly B2C marketing, it has heavily impacted how businesses target other companies.

To attract new business clients and nurture your relationships with the existing ones, you need to develop a solid social media strategy.

There are so many social media networks. Each with their own characteristics and opportunities. To help you navigate all that, this eBook helps digital marketers take advantage of the power of social media.

It teaches you how to track metrics, produce content and engage with your potential clients.

Which of these fantastic digital marketing eBooks will be your new powerful ally in driving sales?

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