Check out three of the best digital marketing blogs that every single marketing professional should bookmark and follow. Learn how each of them will help you improve a different aspect of your digital marketing strategy.


Marketing Land


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For digital marketing news, Marketing Land is your best option. Breaking stories about the entire multitude of subjects revolving around digital marketing are published each and every day.

It allows you to get all of the news from the industry in just one online space. Besides news, the writing team at Marketing Land regularly posts articles with digital marketing tips and strategies.

Some of those articles are even written by specialists in the matter who have made several successful contributions within the digital marketing sphere.

Marketing Land is extremely helpful for any marketing professional because it is constantly updated with all the trends, launches and market fluctuations. Following the blog will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Kiss Metrics


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Kiss Metrics is the ultimate blog for digital marketing statistics and studies. It specializes in testing and analytics. All of the content is produced by industry experts who have thoroughly studied the subject.

In order to keep all of the data quickly accessible, easy to understand and visually pleasing, Kiss Metrics frequently resorts to infographics. On top of it all, you will also find super complete digital marketing guides on various topics such as social media, email marketing and customer experience.

Kiss Metrics is truly the ultimate ally for marketing professionals who are in charge of analyzing the market and strategizing action plans.

Content Marketing Institute


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The name says it all. The site is your best source for content marketing insights. The research you find is often conducted by the own team behind the blog.

You will find a vast world of articles tackling subjects like storytelling, blogging tips, content budgets and online trends. Besides all of that, it even keeps you updated with the schedule of content marketing events.

With the blog, you will be able to design, implement and measure a strong content marketing strategy for your business.

Start browsing these three powerful sources right now!